SaaS/BpaaS Evaluation / Fitment & Integration Services


As Enterprises of different sizes look to cloud delivery model of SaaS/BpaaS to concentrate on their core strengths and also to meet the time to market dead lines, there is a lot of need for enterprises in determining the best SaaS/BpaaS offerings to fit their needs.

Due to the support from various vendors on the IaaS, PaaS and other public cloud offerings, we are seeing a huge array of offerings to satisfy various SaaS needs of the enterprises. On top of this there is also "Cloud Washing", where by certain vendors trying to provide services which may not meet all the tenats of a cloud based delivery model.

Also the best benefits of the Cloud delivery model are seen in the Hybrid Delivery Model, where by the existing In House IT Resources are seamlessly integrated with the Cloud Based Services such that the IT organizations act as broker of services from multiple available options.

Also there is lot of concern among the CIOs about the QoS aspect of SaaS/BpaaS delivery models, especially on the Security , Scalability and Availability fronts.

Finally as there is no uniformity in the metering and costing aspect of SaaS/BpaaS services enterprises may not be in a position to identify the hidden costs and arrve at true TCO and ROI for SaaS / BpaaS adoption.

Considering the above complexities in adopting SaaS/BpaaSservices , we support our customers with the following measures.

  • Evaluting Multiple SaaS Vendors for the given needs using the Standardized Scoring methodologies
  • Utilize the strong enterprise experience in identifying the best methods of Integration between the SaaS Services and existing legacy services
  • Evaluate the non functional needs of the solution and fitting them to the SaaS vendor offerings
  • Coordinate with SaaS Vendors to come up appropriate Pilot / Proof Of Concept / Demo to meet the enterprise needs
  • Assessment of the Vendor SaaS Offering's architecture to understand the Multi Tenancy flexibilities and How Upgrades handled seamlessly
  • Provide fitment of the Services to the new growth areas for the enterprise like Big Data / Unstructured Data Analytics.
  • Providing complete visibility to the IT/Business organizations about the Product Selection methodologies, Decision Analysis & Reporting and other ROI/TCO Calculations
  • Provide detailed road map for enterprises for the SaaS solution in line with their future technology directions and product selections

Big Data Consultancy as per the Services Tab as below :

  • Assessment of Big Data Integration Needs of the enterprise towards identifying the Target Reference Architecture for new means of Information Delivery
  • Identification And Assessment of Big Data Platform & Tools
  • Integration Architecture & Governance of Traditional Relational Data with the Unstructured Data in the form of Big Data
  • Assessment and Identification for fitment of BigData Support Technologies like, Text Analytics, Sentiment Analytics
  • Identification of Opportunities For Enterprise Agility using BigData MPP Framework Hadoop
  • Identification Of Appropriate Cloud Platforms for Hosting Big Data Applications