New Frontier was founded in 2006 by four people with an ambitious dream: They wanted to build the most successful IT solutions company in CEE/CIS and Russia. They believed there was potential to serve the local needs of emerging markets and specific industries much better than other companies were doing.

Their core principles of serving clients flexibly and expeditiously, while only doing things for them that have concrete and positive effects on their business performance, will continue to serve us positively as well. We are confident that the future will bring many more smart IT solutions by our group, as well as many new clients who know that they can truly rely on us to improve their overall efficiency regarding all their IT needs.

iBanking on any device anywhere anytime

NFG is a software solutions company that specializes in creating markets vide innovation Customer Interaction products. New Frontier Group, one of the largest System Integrator groups in the Central & Eastern Europe, NF Innova has been providing the region's prime banks and financial institutions with omni banking solutions for the Digital Economy. Amongst others, the company's clients are the Raiffeisen Bank, Societe General Bank, BancaIntesa and many others. iBanking, NF Innova's flagship product, is distributed in the entire EMEA region through innvoazit technologies

Previous e-banking solutions made it clear they were online banking and that they were a substitute for going to the bank. If we stick to that analogy, iBanking is better than going to the bank, since it gives the client much more information than they can obtain over the counter. That is why online banking is no longer the appropriate name – now we can call it BankingOnline.

1.1. Digital Transformation: fast and relentless bearing enormous opportunity and threat

Digital transformation is happening all around us, creating turbulent times of change and opening up to both enormous opportunities and threats to enterprises.

A smart digital strategy to navigate the digital transformation can provide significant competitive advantage. Customer interaction can be personalized and instantaneous, providing real differentiation for and bonding the customer to the enterprise. Employees and other stakeholders in the enterprise ecosystem can be engaged in new and more collaborative ways. Cost positions can be enormously improved as more traditional physical channels and structures are replaced or complemented by digital services and interfaces. New business models can open up entirely new revenue and profit opportunities, often creating entirely new services and consumptions models for the customer.

At the same time, digital transformation can be a huge threat, especiall when lagging behind. New and nimble competitors can eat away the most profitable parts of the business. Rapidly changing customer expectations can soon make the existing service models outdated and unacceptable. Large organizational structures and legacy IT-systems can quickly become unsupportable.


At New Frontier Group, they continually analyze the needs of their clients and think ahead to develop solutions for the future.

Searching for ways to create real tangible business value based on IT solutions, we realized that these fall into two categories:

• Supporting clients' regular operations by enabling standard business processes to be run with continuous improvement of cost effectiveness.

• Helping to create new business opportunities for clients: new products, addressing new markets or new market segments; introducing new or redesigned business models.

IDDataCollector solution offers the complete integrated solution (hardware and software) for extracting the information from identity documents. Using official recognized patterns and filters, the application is able to geniuses theauthenticity of the document, which can be stores into a database and also collect the signature through a digital signature tablet.

All the collected data can be used in external applications such as:

• Customer Relationship Management - publish specific information of a client that was identified with

• ID/Passport through WebService secured for other applications

• Document Management System applications - pattern based document generators (including ID)

To ensure the geniuses of an identity document, IDDC uses the capabilities of the scanner for extracting and displaying the scanned image using white light, infrared and UV spectrum, emphasizing the safety features provided for that document.

Other Solutions

Business Innovation
  • 1. Self Service & Mobile Solutions
  • 2. Web 2.0 portal solutions
  • 3. Cloud SaaS Solutions
  • 4. Vertical Industry Custom Solutions
Business Execution
  • 1. Network & Communication
  • 2. Storage & Computing
  • 3. Security & Continuity
  • 4. IT Service Management
  • 5. People & Workforce Management
Business Transformation
  • 1. Business Intelligence & Analytics ERP, BPM & SCM
  • 2. Information Management & Middleware
  • 3. CRM & Collaboration