Concerto is founded by payment systems specialists with a vision to be a recognisedcentre of excellence for e-payment solutions.

We empower Financial Institutions and payment processors with our highly secure, scalable and flexible software solutions. Offering consultancy, subject matter expertise, re-engineering and support services on Payment domain is our forte.

The demonstrated expertise and delivery capability made us a reliable partner for many financial institutions across many countries in a short span of time.

The company is privately funded and the management is comprised of leaders having many years of experience in the financial services and payment systems domain.

vegaaH - Payment Gateway

The Payment Gateway, vegaaH is designed to configure multiple financial institutions and process the transactions simultaneously. It has the flexibility to cater to a single processor or multiple processors on a hosted service model. The solution enables a secure, real-time, online payment bridge between the merchant's customer and the acquiring bank's systems. vegaaH enables 3D secure processing, multi-currency support and flexible transaction processing.

Sonata - Clearing & Settlement Application

Sonata is a clearing and settlement application, enables effortless FTP, extraction, and processing of transaction logs and generates reports and other processing files. It has the capability to perform multi way reconciliation process.


SMS Payment Gateway is a powerful and flexible software product based on the Short Message Service (SMS) available in the mobile phones.

The highlight of this system is its bill pay service. It makes bill payments easy and simple, as it requires only a simple SMS to pay the bill and get the acknowledgement as an SMS. Customers can also inquire through SMS at any time, about the bills from service providers that are registered to their account.

This system is fast and scalable as the architecture and the technologies used are designed as such. Interfaces with the mobile service providers and banking applications utility service providers is open and simple, supporting various protocols, thereby making it easy to add up new service providers. The application has features which enable reconciliation, settlement and dispute resolution.


OMF - Change Tracker for BASE24

Across the world, BASE24 from ACI is one of the major EFT switches used by major financial institutions/Banks. On a daily basis operators working on BASE24 affect many changes in the database.

It is extremely important for BASE24 system administrator to monitor and track these changes carried out by the operators. Regulatory authorities also mandate the monitoring of these changes and availability of these records for the future use for audit purposes.

The Online Maintenance File (OMF) contains records of daily additions, deletions, and updates made to the BASE24 application files. The OMF provides an audit trail of file maintenance operations.

  • 1. Sonata- Clearing & Settlement Application
  • 2. SMS PG
  • 3. OMF - Change Tracker For BASE24
  • 4. vegaaH - Payment Gateway
  • 5. Rhythm - Terminal Management Tool
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  • 2. Reconciliation
  • 3. Testing Services
  • 4. Performace Tuning, Capacity Planning
  • 5. Help Desk
  • 6. Onshore
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  • 2. Other Switches
  • 3. HP NonStop
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