Working with banks & bankers on board from over 15 years, Appello know what the key challenges for the sector are. They offer next generation solutions built on new technology that help clients worldwide to utilize IT as their help to successfully meet the challenges.

Loan Origination

Solution from first client contact until disbursement

The ApPello Loan Origination System covers the whole process from the first client contact (including contacts at outside partners, e.g. agents) through information collection, proposal, rating & scoring, underwriting, contracting until disbursement. It can integrate processes like external agents, product selection from a catalogue (manual or automatic based on business rules), providing required information sheets to client, pre-screening, checking external credit blacklists, collaterals including collateral appraisal, decision administration, checking disbursement criteria, contract preparation and administration of disbursement.

Document generation for smoother processes

The WebDP platform provides an integrated Document Management System that can generate template-based documents needed throughout the process, including client information sheets, proposal documentation, decision documentation, contract, etc.

Our risk management tools can also be integrated seamlessly with the described toolset.

IT Solutions
  • 1. Enterprise Portal Solutions
  • 2. Digital Asset Management
  • 3. Mobile Solutions
  • 4. Customer Relationship Managment
  • 5. Enterprise Content Management
  • 6. IT Infrastructure Transformation
  • 7. Business Intelligence
IT Services
  • 1. Software Development Services
  • 2. Application Maintenance Services
  • 3. SMART Support Services
  • 4. Testing Serivces
  • 5. Infrastucture Management Services
        a.End-user Computing Services
        b.Data Center Computing Services
        c.Cloud & Virtualization Services
        d.Enterprise Network & Security Services

Collateral Management

Multiple collateral coverage handling

The CMS handles collaterals on multiple levels, i.e. collateral contract (e.g. mortgage), collateral asset (e.g. real estate) and in some cases, individual collateral asset items, enabling the handling of rank places and external pledges.

Visualized collateral structures

The system visualizes collateral structures and allocation results on the customer level, enabling the changing or addition of linkages for modeling purposes.

Cash Optimization

• Free data trial to predict savings

• All orders, movements and stocks in one place

• High-tech Cash Forecasting

The solution covers the following tasks amongst others

• Registration and forwarding/posting of transactions

• Advanced, wide-ranging exchange rate handling

• Handling of fees and commissions

• Management of signature cards

• Limit handling

• Denomination

• Workflow support

• Handling of central money counters, TCD / Twin safe and other hardware

• Advanced cash management, available separately as well

Cash & Interest Pooling

The solution can handle multi-level pools and – in case of Cash Pooling – allows the flexible setting of balances on each account belonging to the group.

The interest premium earned as a result of the service can be divided among the accounts of the group in several ways: as a lump sum to the main account, in a percentage distribution, but also based on internal settlement rules.

Because of the discrepancy of debit and credit conditions, this function can have a strong impact on the interest earnings of companies with more than one account. This makes this product a must have from the banks' side for the acquisition and retention of corporate clients.

Core Banking System

Thanks to its modularity and scalability the solution is working successfully in its full configuration at small/medium financial institutions, while some of its modules work together with 3rd party systems at leading commercial banks.

Main Core banking Funtions
  • 1. Client Management (CRM)
  • 2. General Ledger; Balance Sheet/Profit and Loss
  • 3. Load Management (Retail,Micro,SME and Corporate)
  • 4. Deposit handling
  • 5. Foreign exchange handling
  • 6. Bankcard handling
  • 7. Brach teller application
  • 8. Clear Payments
  • 9. Swift Connection
  • 10. Posting engine (GP Posting)
  • 11. Fee handling
Other Functions
  • 1. Document Management
  • 2. Regulatory and Other Reports
  • 3. Statement Creation / printing
  • 4. Agent and Commission handling
  • 5. Credit blacklist
  • 6. Case and interest pooling
  • 7. Queue Management
  • 8. Workflow handling